This is khoLi.

Goal Digger + Dream Catcher + Career Consumer

Ph.D., Literatures in English, Rutgers University (expected May 2015)

M.A., Literatures in English, Rutgers University (May 2011)

B.A., English Arts (May 2007)

A poet/scholar/teacher/blogger, new media strategist, khoLi defines herself as a goal digger + dream catcher.

Co-founder and Creative Director of Khafra Company, Founder & CEO of The Ardor Brand, Creator of Be Your Own Girlfriend, and Ph.D. candidate at Rutgers University, khoLi spends the bulk of her time using mystical powers to conjure enough hours in the day to complete her dissertation - appropriately titled, “Running Out of Time: Radicalism, Resistance, and the Future of African American Literature.”

khoLi mixes her love for literature, creative copy, brand development, and pop culture in order to discuss the generation and progress of trans-historical moments in black resistance while worrying the lines of identity and power.  

She believes that Jay Z is necessary for the revolution and that joy is a radical political position. 

And she shops.

A lot. 

P.S. —> Kholi creates innovative strategies for new brand narratives and business-to-consumer conversations. 


  • PR & marketing or brand development
  • Image & wardrobe consultations
  • Boutique merchandising / floor plan consultation
  • Communication SERVICES

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